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By making good use of our expertise in the machinery and packaged home business, CFP has been able to successfully diversify into several different product categories. The success of this part of our business is due in large part to our extensive contact base for distribution in both the Japanese and North American marketplaces.

Canadian Fine Products is continually searching for new and innovative products and looks forward to any inquiries regarding the import or exportation of items that fit our client's requirements.


This is a traditional Indian house.

Also this is a traditional way to drawn your dream on the canvas when you have a first dream at this house.

Please have a wonderful dream.


Cigar Label

These labels used for decoration of the cigar box which are put it on the inside and outside of the cigar box.

This is for propaganda of cigars therefore every producers are try to appeal their cigar by these labels.

The labels made by stone lithography. It's an expensive, labour-intensive, and time-consuming process.

Each label could involve a dozen highly skilled specialists, take a month to create. (labels produced from 1860 to 1920)

Each new label or print required the preparation of a different Bavarian limestone for each color used.

Most cigar labels required 8-11 colors to produce a finished image. (many as 13 colors were used)

The Bavarian limestone were 3-4 inches thick, ranged in size from 6"x 8" to 44"x 62"inches in area.

It's super heavy and hard to handle. Some stones weighed as much as 600 pounds.

Higher-priced labels used 10 or more colors plus bronze or 24K gold leaf.

In the mid-1890s, lithographers began using 38-ton press and precision machined dies to emboss many of the labels.

The embossing process highlighted the raised portions of the label with 24K gold leaf or bronze.

The final result is that a label, printed 100 years ago on acid-free rag paper, now appears clean and bright with no signs of aging.

The quality of commercial printing during the Golden Age of Stone Lithography between 1880 and 1920 has never been duplicated and probably never will be.

Hanging Scroll

This is drawn by Hokuba Teisai who is first pupil of famous Hokusai Katsushika.

The picture shown 12 regular functions of the year which was shown good fortune and happiness.

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