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  • The cost of the system is low compare with existing units.

  • The cost of maintenance is low because not much moving items in the systems.

  • The cost of the operation is low because not many workers are required for operation.

  • The system takes any kind of waste including Industrial waste, Medical waste and household.

  • The system do not require any pre-processing or pre-sorting of feedstock as they can be loaded directly in to the system bin.

  • The remaining after operation are recyclable almost 100% because they are bi-product and inorganic.  (Remaining ashes are separated from others by vibrator or suction collector)

  • The system is not required a chimney for exhaust.

  • The system is all electric therefore resulting in lower Nox emission.  (The contaminant rate are quite low compare with any other existing systems)

  • The batch processing is extremely passive therefore resulting in low particulate emission with minimal dioxins and furans being formed.

  • The system get more electricity (kwh) compare with any other existing systems.  (Approximately 70-80% of the BTUs in the feedstock are available for energy recovery)

  • The flaring of the syn-gas in the secondary is the most efficient and economical use of the thermal energy produced.

  • The system is under patent.

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