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Specializing in building products allows CFP to offer very competitive pricing to our customers. CFP currently produces log houses, dome houses, 2x4 homes and variety of hand made wooden accessories.

House packages typically include windows, doors, associated lumber, metal hardware, roofing materials, fireplaces, as well as any other additional items specified by the client. In addition to our standard house plans, all homes can be customized to suit the client's requirements.

Pictures of houses we have sold are included for reference. Please note all house packages are custom made and prices will vary with the type of wood used. Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Spruce, Hemlock are available. Please contact us for additional details.


Douglas Fir (D.Fir)
One of the largest lumber tree in the world. D.Fir can grow up to 8-foot diameter through the trunk. Since D.Fir is heavy in mass and solidly firm in all aspects, it has been considered the great structural material, as well as building materials.
Western Red Cedar (WRC)
WRC has high resistance to decay and damage because it naturally resists insects and molds. It is also noted for its flexibility and beauty apperance. Although high in price, WRC is the best material for a long lasting log homes.
Spruce has tidy grain and is soft and light. Although it does not have high resistance to rain, it is still popular with flooring and wall materials due to its flexibility and reasonable price.
Hemlock (West Coast Hemlock)
Hemlock has even grain and low resin. It is flexible enough to be processed, but needs to be dried well because it contains high moisture.

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