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Canadian Fine Products Inc. (CFP) is a Vancouver-based manufacturer and exporter of 2x4 panel, log, and dome house packages and building materials. House packages are exported mainly to Japan and the United States. We also import and export agricultural and industrial machinery and other unique products. We are always trying to offer better service with better product quality to our customer all over the world.

In 1982, Canadian Fine Products Inc., as C.F.P. Enterprises, was established in Toronto, Canada. The company initially based its business on importing and selling industrial and agricultural machinery into Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. CFP moved its operational base to Vancouver in 1986 to take advantage of the emerging economy in the Pacific Rim., specifically exporting log homes to Japan. In 1996, CFP set up Canadian Fine Products Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Armstrong, British Columbia and began to manufacture log houses, dome houses, and 2x4 panel homes. Now, our house manufacturing plant have moved to North Vancouver. Today with more than a decade of experience in the Canadian marketplace, CFP is uniquely positioned to source a wide range of products for not only the Pacific Rim but worldwide customer.

CFP looks forward to playing an active role as both an export and import entity in the Pacific Rim during the next century. To continuously improve ourselves further, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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