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In addition to agricultural machinery, CFP is actively involved with heavy duty machinery used for all facts of the construction industry. Due to a serious slowdown in the Japanese economy over the past few years, there now exists a large quantity of used equipment at very attractive prices. Japan produces some of the finest heavy duty construction equipment made anywhere in the world and CFP deals on a direct basis with those manufactures.

With approximately two decades of experience in this market, CFP is very confident about being able to quickly source appropriate equipment at competitive pricing to meet your every need.

Model EX60-2 Model K022HG
Working Hours 3135hours Working Hours 1670hours
Condition Tuned up Condition Yet Tuned up
  • Size available(Bucket Cap.): 0.1/0.15/0.2/0.25/0.4/0.45/0.7M3
  • Price range: US$9,600-28,000
  • Over 100 to choose from
  • Bigger sizes available upon request
  • Rough terrain cranes are also available (25t/35t+more)


Since 1982, CFP has been importing and selling japanese agricultural and industrial machinery in Eastern Canada. Currently CFP employs an agent in Queensville, Ontario to facilitate sales in those provinces. In addition, sales in Western Canada are generated through our Vancouver head office.

The founder's background includes ownership of an agricultural and industrial machine shop in Japan which leads to our ability to offer the excellent service and to successfully sell state-of-the-art agricultural equipment in North America.

Deep Rotary Tiller
Model PL-1902
Make Niplo (Matsuyama Plow Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
Weight 435kg
Dimension 1100 x 2225 x 1435mm (LxWxH)
Tilling Width 1900mm
Tilling Depth Max. 600mm
Working Speed 0.2-1.0km/h
Efficiency 43-211min/10a. (a.=100sq.m.)
Tractor HP 45-75HP (540rpm)
  • Deep rotary tillers give new life to a field by not simply slicing through the soil but by breaking up the clods finely, churning and turning the ground over.
  • The PE cultivates to a deep 60cm maximum - plenty of scope to allow you to effectively prepare the soil for the particular crop to be grown.
  • These tillers make light work of turning compost, straw and weeds deep into the field - without fouling the tiller shaft in the process.
  • They distribute fertilizer uniformly through the soil - from the top to the lowest layer.
  • Your tractor is required to operate with creep speed capability (under 1.0km/h) for deep rotary tillers.

Model VG-1403-1L
Make Niplo (Matsuyama Plow Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
Weight 525kg
Dimension 2380x1705x1120mm (LxWxH)
Digging Width 1400mm
Digging Depth 200-300mm
Working Speed 1.0-2.0km/h
Efficiency 20-40min/10a. (a.=100sq.m.)
Tractor HP above 50HP
  • Highly effective in digging root crops such as potatoes, onions and bulbs.
  • Specially designed share effectively scoops soil and crops.
  • Soil and crops are completely separated while they are conveyed backward by the swinging conveyor.
  • Changing the gradient of the conveyor according to the crop size and the soil condition, the shifting can be so controlled as to keep crops free from bruises.
  • The universal joint is a standard attachment.


EZE-RIDER Scissor Lift
Hight (Not Lift) 1780mm
Hight (Lift Up) 4700mm
Length 1570mm
Width 715mm
Weight 400kgs
Battery 24v
Drive Motor 0.3kw
Hydraulic Motor 2.2kw
  • The EZE-RIDER Scissor Lift represents a sharp and durable with many improvements in which has been designed specifically for greenhouse growers. This unit is suitable for different type of growers by lowest cost and highest profit with their operation because there is no down time. They are adjustable wheels of the width for different applications such as hot water pipe or rail tracks on the ground. This unit is operated by long life battery power, self-propelled with multiple speed controller. To lift it up and down by hydraulic to a maximum 16 feet working height.
  • The EZE-RIDER Scissor Lift has been designed and engineered by well known people for this industry therefore, quality and workmanship is mumber one in the market. Easy operation, quick response, cost effective, maintenance free and good looking machine to work with.
  • Please ask us for full specification and details.

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