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The 2x4 house has been a popular fixture in North America for well over 100 years and its reputation is well established. Perhaps one of the most outstanding features of 2x4 construction is its ability to withstand earthquakes. This is a direct result of the fact that all six faces (floor, roof, 4 walls) are panelized to increase resistance to outside forces such as wind. Panel construction is not only air tight and well insulated, but is also humidity proof. Moreover, this panel construction saves time by easing the installation process and the time saving then reduces the total cost of all. Currently over 90% of the North American housing market is made up of 2x4 construction. Now the rest of the world is not only able, but it appears ready to appreciate this proven form of house construction.

TWO-STORY HOUSE "A": 1840sq.ft.(170.61sq.m.)
TWO-STORY HOUSE "B": 2180sq.ft.(202.29sq.m.)

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