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Although dome buildings have been around for a good many years, their popularity was somewhat limited due to the time-consuming and the high cost of construction. In the mid 20th century, "Geodesic Dome Theory" was introduced in U.S. to solve many of those concerns, resulting in wide spread construction of dome housing.

Today the dome house is recognized as one of the most effective and efficient designs due to its superior structural strength. The base of the structure is composed of a series of triangles, strongest structure in the natural world, which gives the dome its unparalleled structural foundation.

The spherical body of the dome makes it an ideal design for locations that are subject to high winds, as the sphere has the ability to disperse wind pressure converging on the dome's surface. Good cost performance related to materials used and insulation is also realized due to the fact that the spherical shape has the least surface area in comparison with other shapes (e.g. square) with the same volume. Circulation inside the sphere is such that air circulates in a very efficient manner which leads to a very comfortable and efficient environment. Dome house design leads us to one other pleasant bonus, "freshness". Living in the dome house brings a lot of new things, acoustical benefits, space utility, beautiful sky through the skylights etc...

Domes we built
TOTAL FLOOR: 1701.40sq.ft. (157.82sq.m.)
1F: 1092.83sq.ft. (101.37sq.m.)
2F: 608.57sq.ft. (56.45sq.m.)
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