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Log Homes have a long history. The first documented log home dates from 1,500 B.C. Today, designs include everything from traditional family homes and vacation cottages, to logs cut for buildings used for storages, clinics, offices, restaurants, resorts and just about any other design and use imaginable. A log home offers the client not only a unique durable home, but one that is proven to be earth quake resistant. There are some other advantages of living in log homes. Since woods are still "alive" after being logged, they have an ability to absorb and release moisture so that moisture in the room stays comfortable all year long. Woods also have slow conductivity of heat, which keeps the interior heat from escaping. Log homes are human-friendly as well. Stresses on eyes and ears can be relieved because woods absorb harmful noises and ultraviolet rays. Elasticity of wood, in comparison with concrete, steel or other man-made materials, also minimizes the stress on human body. And furthermore, fragrance from wood helps us to ease fatigue, activate a motor nerve and take virus or poison away from the body. These effects make log home buildings highly livable and attractive to those who suffer from the stress of city life.

3 TYPES OF LOG HOUSE (Click on pictures)

Hand-cut Loghouse Machine-cut Loghouse Post&Beam Loghouse
Hand-Cut Machine-Cut Post&Beam

* Mini log (panel) houses are also available upon request. (Click on the picture >>>) Mini House

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